Top Five Egyptian Institutions by Research Output (2006-2016)

Do you know the Top Five Egyptian institutions by research output for the years  2006 to 2016? The Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), in partnership with Clarivate Analytics, has been leveraging the Web of Science to find out.

Web of Science indexes the contents of more than 12,000 scientific and scholarly journals, along with proceedings papers, book chapters and other materials, as far back as the year 1900.  With the total paper count for Egypt determined in a preliminary Web of Science search, the “Analyze” feature was applied to the resulting records. This tool allows EKB (and, of course, all Web of Science users) to quickly view key characteristics underlying a group of papers, and to ascertain various quantitative performance indicators in order to monitor the productivity and impact of research output.

Among many other data points, the Web of Science “Analyze” utility compiles the individual author names that account for the greatest numbers of papers in a given selection. Similarly, in a search based on national output, the selected country’s most-prolific institutions can be assessed. The image below lists the Top Five Egyptian institutions by research output for 2006-2016, as measured by the number of Web of Science-indexed publications that list at least one Egypt-based author.

Top Five Egyptian Institutions

By delivering reliable data on research performance, and complementing it with baseline statistics for benchmarking against current and aspirational peers, Clarivate Analytics enables EKB research leaders to make confident and informed decisions.

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