Demonstrating real-world outcomes and the future of research evaluation [Podcast]

Tune in to learn the current challenges facing research evaluators and to discover best practices and new tools for measuring real-world outcomes of research.   Research evaluation has taken a new direction in recent years. There’s been a shift in focus from research quality to research delivery, and this has brought new challenges for all […]

Meeting researchers at their point of need to accelerate discovery [Podcast]

Tune in to learn how discovery platforms can best meet the needs of researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Improving the researcher experience is crucial to accelerating output and impact. However, researchers’ needs and pain points are changing right across the research workflow. In this episode of our Future of Research podcast, we discuss […]

The changing nature of international collaboration [Podcast]

Tune in to learn how traditional and newly formed patterns of global collaboration play out in research, and about the tools available to uncover new cross-disciplinary opportunities.    Collaboration has changed significantly over the last 30 to 40 years. Air travel, international meetings and the internet have all played a role alongside other geopolitical, historical […]

How open science is transforming the future of research [Podcast]

Open research is a complex and rapidly evolving global movement. It has proven to be a springboard for ongoing research, discovery and innovation, but it has also led to challenges for researchers, librarians and publishers alike. Here to talk us through open research and the tools designed to help in this space is Dr. Nandita […]

Eight Ways (and More) To Find and Access Research Papers

This blog is part of our Research Smarter series. You’ll discover the various search engines, databases and data repositories to help you along the way. Click on any of the following links for in an in-depth look at how to find relevant research papers, journals, and authors for your next project using the Web of […]

Information overload is a problem unique to today. Or is it?

“We hear more and more these days about a so-called crisis in scientific literature…There is a literal deluge of literature published each year, and it is increasing in geometric proportions.” Information overload is a problem unique to today. Or is it? What if there was a way to objectively and efficiently sort through the information […]

When research is a laughing matter

In honor of International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14, we decided to consult the Web of Science to assess the state of laughter as, so to speak, a serious research topic.