Spotlight: Highly Cited Researcher Edward Holmes

Ranking in the top 1% by citations in the Web of Science™, Highly Cited Researchers™ are renowned for exceptional research influence. But what makes them tick? In celebration of the Highly Cited Researchers 2021, we spotlight on 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Highly Cited Researcher — Microbiology Professor Edward Holmes FRS FAA, ARC Australian […]

What’s in a name? Trademarking COVID-19 solutions

The brand name chosen for a vaccine or drug is more than a commercial matter. That’s why trademark analysts also assess for patient safety. Get the full story. Every vaccine and drug goes to market under a distinct brand name, and the COVID-19 vaccines and treatments are no different. “The pharmaceutical naming process is extremely […]

Engineering software to speed up the pandemic response

Xavi Moreno joined Clarivate well into the pandemic, where his technology skillset would soon make a difference in fighting the virus. Get the full story. Xavi Moreno took a roundabout path to working on products designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout childhood, the Barcelonian software engineer had wanted to be an eye doctor, so […]

A scientist tracking killers, from malaria to Sars-Cov-2

A parasitologist passionate about rare disease research, Shyama’s research has enabled scientific collaborations around the world. Get the full story. “I’m a woman of science,” said Shyama Ghosh, Senior Science Editor at Clarivate. “I come from a family of women of science,” she adds, proudly noting that her daughter is a newly-minted chemistry Ph.D. The […]

Forecasting the next moves of a fast-moving pandemic

As the pandemic tore across the world, principal epidemiologist Oliver Blandy knew he had the expertise and data to help fight COVID-19. Get the full story. Hunkered down in London as the COVID-19 pandemic tore across the world in the spring of 2020, Oliver Blandy found himself hoping that he would be tasked with putting […]

Identity in peer review: Peer Review Week 2021

We’ve launched a New Web of Science Academy course for Peer Review Week 2021. Enroll now.   Source:   The theme for peer review week this year is “identity in peer review.” This can be interpreted many ways and means something different for everyone. In this article, Dr. Julia Mouatt, Head of the Web […]

Lessons in resilience for IP law firms: Learning to thrive in uncertainty

Like nearly all sectors of the world economy, intellectual property law firms have faced upheaval in the midst of the pandemic. Clarivate sat down with industry veterans Kevin Paul, former Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer at Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP; and Albert Woo, Chief Operating Officer of Lewis Roca, to discuss their […]

Establishing an in-house medical equipment company: Q&A with Teresa Dail

In this interview, Teresa Dail, chief supply chain officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), shares how organizations can set up an in-house process to provide medical equipment and supplies to both inpatients and patient homes. The following article has been edited for length and clarity.   Could you describe the environment before using internal […]

Spotlight on our Chandler Global Business Center

Brandon Rice, Global Head of Inside Sales, Clarivate, talks about life heading up the Clarivate Global Business Center based in Chandler, Arizona. In 2020, Clarivate announced a new world-leading Global Business Center in Chandler, Arizona. As one of three new Global Business Centers, with the other locations in Belgrade, Serbia and Penang, Malaysia the center […]