Spotlight on our Chandler Global Business Center

Brandon Rice, Global Head of Inside Sales, Clarivate, talks about life heading up the Clarivate Global Business Center based in Chandler, Arizona.

In 2020, Clarivate announced a new world-leading Global Business Center in Chandler, Arizona. As one of three new Global Business Centers, with the other locations in Belgrade, Serbia and Penang, Malaysia the center includes teams from finance, administration, sales and customer service, along with several executive positions. In this blog, Brandon, who joined Clarivate in 2012 and was the first colleague to start at the Chandler office in February 2020, discusses his ambitions for the center and explains why Chandler is the perfect location choice for Clarivate.


Improving customer experience

The Clarivate Global Business Centers have one core purpose: to improve the ease of use of doing business with Clarivate for our customers. They also allow us to scale our business by centralizing sales and service teams into core locations.

For me, I’m really excited about what the Chandler center is set up to achieve. Colleagues working across our industry-leading solutions are able to work and collaborate even more effectively, bringing immense customer benefits in terms of consistency of service and support across all areas of our business.


Creating a culture

Another really fascinating element of the Chandler workplace is being part of the creation and evolution of something from the beginning. Working at Clarivate has provided me with a fantastic career opportunity to work alongside talented colleagues who collaborate together to serve the innovation needs of our customers. I am especially excited about the growth trajectory we are on as a company and the investment we are making in our three Global Business Centers to better serve our customers’ needs.

In the beginning, my focus was primarily on interviewing and recruiting candidates to help build the team, and in particular, the sales team across all three global business centers. We believe that everyone we bring into the business brings something unique to the culture of the team, so it’s important that we are aligned to our company values, which are: aim for greatness, value every voice and own your actions.


“Another really fascinating element of the Chandler workplace is being part of the creation and evolution of something from the beginning.”


We were successful in recruiting a significant number of new colleagues during the lockdown period. After hiring the right candidates, our focus was on developing and integrating them into the Clarivate team. Personally, I find that the best part of my job is coaching and supporting talent – these are the two factors that give me the most joy, especially when I get to play a part in a colleague’s career development.

A further aspect of my role that I find especially intriguing is having the opportunity to help build and shape the office’s unique working culture. The high-performing culture of collaboration at Clarivate is something that has always impressed me and something I plan to replicate in Chandler.

I want it to be an exciting place to work and for collaboration to be enabled and encouraged across all of the business. In my experience, Clarivate fosters a sense of autonomy that other businesses simply don’t have and we function incredibly well by creating an environment where we trust in and encourage each other.


Why Chandler?

When talking about my current role, one question I often get asked is “why Chandler?” The answer is simple. As a location, Chandler has a great talent pool of highly educated people living here. It also has a great high quality lifestyle and very friendly culture – everywhere you go everyone wants to help out – which perfectly matches the culture we have at Clarivate.

Our vision is to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation, and our colleagues enable us to do this. I’m excited to watch the team grow and continue to take shape and I have no doubt that it will become a world-leading global business center that Clarivate will be proud of.

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