Intellectual property

The US economy demonstrates the value of intellectual property

As 2017 begins, it is a good time to reflect on the impact that intellectual property has on the economy, particularly in light of a US Department of Commerce/USPTO’s report on the subject.   The latest indicators of the value of IP In 2012, the US Department of Commerce issued ‘Intellectual Property and the US […]

The fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on intellectual property

The Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change how devices communicate and interact.  What implications does this have for intellectual property professionals in a fully connected world?   The fourth Industrial Revolution One of the prominent topics at The World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos was what was dubbed as ‘the fourth Industrial Revolution’ – […]

WIPO’s annual IP indicators raise prospects of future economic prosperity

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published its 2016 World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI). The report dissects filing activity and registrations for 2015 and offers interesting insight for IP professionals. First, IP applications grew again. This isn’t new news – they have been growing since 2009 and now represent at least three times the volume of […]

Intellectual property vs. trade secrets

If your business develops or acquires new information, there is more than one option to secure your IP rights.  Patent laws are the most common source of protection for inventors, but some IP owners choose to rely on trade secrets to prohibit misappropriation of their ideas. Why do some companies choose to patent their innovation while […]