Innovating IP management: Making FoundationIP even better

At Clarivate, we understand that IP professionals are under constant pressure to deliver more value to clients and stakeholders with greater speed and efficiency. That’s why we continue to invest in advanced tools that help IP attorneys, paralegals and legal operations teams work smarter, not harder.

Case in point: FoundationIP, the first SaaS-based IP management solution, purpose built to increase IP team efficiency by leveraging automation and best in class country rules. It provides a flexible foundation for hyper-efficient IP management, helping you keep pace with growing demands. Now, as we continue to innovate and invest in FoundationIP, it’s more powerful than ever. Read on to learn about some of the highlights:

Greater integration

There is now an easier way to integrate FoundationIP into your firm’s broader technology ecosystem, thanks to our implementation of REST API. This application programming interface (API) enables you to share data updates across your systems in near real time, providing a single source of truth that enables IP teams to work more efficiently. Find out how Quartz IP integrated FoundationIP and PracticeLink using REST API.

Faster forms

In May 2023, we introduced a significant upgrade to the process of creating Microsoft Word forms with the new Server-side Word Forms. It eliminates the intermediate step of using FIPMerge for adding report data into a Word merge template. Now, simply run any Word report and receive the document directly in your browser, with no extra step. Users can now generate Word forms in seconds instead of minutes or hours, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. It’s a great example of how we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

Server side Word Forms in FoundationIP
Server side Word Forms in FoundationIP

Improved help

Our new FoundationIP Information Center enables users to find the resources they need faster and more easily. Replacing the previous Help Site, the Information Center features a new, intuitive format, with topic-based help that allows users to zero in on the right information quickly. A powerful search function delivers results rated for relevance, saving time sifting through results. Clickable images expand for easy viewing and enhanced links make it easier to access related information.

The new FoundationIP Help Center
The new FoundationIP Help Center

More matter functionality

We have introduced a number of enhancements that expand FoundationIP’s functionality for managing matters. A new “customs recordal” matter type can be used for tracking procedures related to the monitoring of IP rights on imported goods. A new “infringement” matter type lets you track procedures related to infringements. In addition, matter images can now be displayed in New Matter Search results, making it easier and faster to identify matters.

The return of in-person events

Everything we do is built around the IP professionals we serve. That’s why it was so great to connect with our thriving user community at the FoundationIP User Days in Boston, Massachusetts in early November. We welcomed 40 users from 26 organizations for two days of engaging group sessions, best practice sharing and networking.

Attendees learned about the FoundationIP product roadmap, explored new capabilities for patent and trademark management, got tips on how to make the most of FoundationIP, and socialized with their peers. It was a fantastic event—we hope you can join us for the next one at Clarivate Ignite in San Diego, California!

Do you have thoughts you would like to share on how FoundationIP could better support your IP management workflow? Contact the FoundationIP support team and let us know. Our greatest inspiration for continuous improvement is you, the IP professional.