Looking back on 2023: Top five resources for IP legal teams

As 2023 comes to a close, make sure you don’t miss out on the timely insights from Clarivate, created to help IP legal teams plan for the rapidly changing industry.

From the possibility of a recession to the swift acceleration of artificial intelligence, the past year has been one of uncertainty for the global economy. As IP legal teams strategically navigated 2023, Clarivate created resources, backed by insights from industry experts to support.

To ensure you don’t miss out, we complied the Top Five IP resources from 2023 below.

Special Report: Redefining Artificial Intelligence – How IP practice meets the coming wave

The interplay between IP, AI and the wider legal industry is complex. To get a pulse-check of the perception of AI in the IP industry, Clarivate surveyed 575 IP and research and development (R&D) professionals from law firms and corporations worldwide.

What did we learn? Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence will undoubtedly influence intellectual property law and practice, forcing IP practitioners and their technology partners to reevaluate certain assumptions in how IP is created, protected and managed. Likely, change will not come as a revolution but through a series of incremental steps.

The special report with full survey results can be found here: Redefining Artificial Intelligence. How IP practice meets the coming wave

Special Report: Innovators to Watch 2023

A true assessment of innovation goes beyond measuring accomplishments; it charts exceptional potential. This report identifies the next cohort of top global innovators. Through additional analysis built on the ongoing Top 100 Global Innovators™ data, focused on the fastest-rising entities, we pinpoint those potential future recipients who are poised to make it to the very top.

Innovators to Watch recognizes 36 companies that are on the path to becoming a Top 100 Global Innovator. These organizations sit within the top 250 innovators yet have never made the Top 100 before. Now, we anticipate that these organizations are within reach of Top 100 status.

The special report and complete list of Innovators to Watch 2023 can be found here: Innovators to Watch 2023.

On-demand webinar: The future of the IP legal profession: Balancing the rise of AI with human expertise

In the next three to five years, the legal space will likely look and operate differently than what intellectual property professionals experience today. The global workforce is experiencing significant shifts to keep pace with changing workplace expectations, increased retirement eligibility and evolving customer needs. Simultaneously, the artificial intelligence (AI) sector is forecasted to grow exponentially, creating new jobs that are unimaginable today.

These factors will likely result in an unavoidable reshaping of the way law firms and in-house counsels currently work. What will this mean for the future of the IP legal profession? Hear from industry experts and the Clarivate team as they discuss how IP legal teams can successfully navigate the evolving IP ecosystem through upskilling, knowledge sharing, technology adoption and process optimization.

The on-demand webinar can be found here: The future of the IP legal profession: Balancing the rise of AI with human expertise.

Case Study: A new global IP team with a tailored strategy for success

Clarivate recently helped Versuni reshape their IP legal strategy after their business was spun out from a much larger parent organization. The legal team needed help redefining their team roles, processes, technology and data to align with a new commercial business strategy and a smaller setup.

With the help of the Clarivate™ IP Diagnostic consulting team, Versuni implemented a tailored IP legal strategy that optimized the team structure and increased automation of existing tools to deliver rapid efficiency gains. Now, Versuni’s IP team is positioned to work in a more agile way that is both faster and more flexible.

The full case study can be found here: A new global IP team with a tailored strategy for success.

White Paper: Investing in innovative IP legal strategies during challenging times

Budgets and staffing are tight, competitive pressures are on the rise, and clients and business leaders are demanding more for less—without compromising quality.

This creates a perfect storm for corporate and law firm intellectual property (IP) teams and an opportunity to rethink how IP teams operate. Is this the right time to make strategic investments in new ways of working?

In this white paper, three IP legal experts examine how IP law firms and in-house legal teams can drive successful outcomes by investing in transformation now—and avoid playing defense later.

The white paper can be found here: Investing in innovative IP legal strategies during challenging times.


The continual and constant change of 2023 is expected into 2024 and beyond. It will undoubtedly influence IP law and practice, reshaping the roles of people, process, data and technology in the way IP is created, protected and managed.

To see how Clarivate can help your IP team plan for the future, contact us today.