Redefining Artificial Intelligence [New Report]

In a world driven by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the landscape of intellectual property (IP) law and practice is poised for a transformative shift. Generative AI has entered the mainstream with a ripple effect on the industry. Our latest report, Redefining AI: How IP Practice Meets the Coming Wave, puts the perception of AI front and center to understand what’s next for the IP.

Unlocking AI sentiment

To determine the perception of AI in the IP industry, we checked the pulse of the IP ecosystem. 575 IP and research and development (R&D) professionals from law firms and corporations worldwide participated in an online survey between July 17 and August 1, 2023.

Practitioners and professionals were asked to answer 14 questions based on their experience and understanding of AI capabilities. Those questions were narrowly focused on IP, designed to measure critical parameters, including demographic make-up, comfort, benefits and risks, opportunities and impact.

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Key Findings

The integration of AI into IP processes and decision-making varies. There is a strong appetite for AI’s role in automating manual and laborious tasks, with 67% of participants advocating for its integration. Only a small minority, just 8%, rejected the idea of AI in IP processes outright. These findings suggest that the deployment of AI is context-specific, driven by the problem at hand and the associated risk factors.

While IP professionals see potential benefits for AI-based solutions to improve their workflows, almost half of survey participants revealed that AI was not currently part of their toolkit. Many respondents expressed reservations about AI, with accuracy being the top concern for 74% of them.

Finding synergy with IP processes and decision-making

Overall, the sentiment toward AI adoption in the future remains cautious. The road to AI integration must prioritize human-centered approaches. Trust and confidence in autonomous systems are essential for realizing AI’s potential. At Clarivate, we advocate for responsible and ethical AI within the context of IP practice, not as a criticism of past AI development efforts but as a commitment to a fairer landscape where AI technologies meet the genuine needs of those who rely on them.

AI and automation have the potential to enhance the IP lifecycle significantly. However, the spotlight should be firmly placed on how these technologies enrich the expertise already inherent in our profession. As we embark on this new era, we aim to reimagine AI not as artificially emulated intelligence but as Augmented Human Intelligence.

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