Celebrating three years of Clarivate: A trusted partner with a bold mission

Clarivate Analytics celebrates its three-year anniversary with reflections on its rich heritage and forward-looking momentum.

Three years ago, we introduced ourselves as Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation. But our story truly begins 155 years prior, with the foundation of the world’s oldest continuing database of animal biology, the Zoological Record.

Over the years we have evolved, adding a broad range of trusted insights, analytics and content to meet customer needs. We invested in cutting edge technology, curated our content and earned a global reputation built on trust. Throughout our journey, we have championed the work of industry pioneers – both our customers and our colleagues.

Our investment in innovation is exemplified by the trailblazing work of our brand founders. In the 1950s, Dr. Eugene Garfield’s invention of citation indexing and the subsequent creation of Web of Science changed how scientists find and assess scholarly literature. And when Monty Hyams invented the first patent information retrieval service in 1963 using magnetic tape and punched cards, he launched the first element of Derwent — today the world’s most comprehensive database of enhanced patent information.


More than a century and a half of trusted insights…

1864  Zoological Records founded by Zoological Society of London and British Museum
1926  BIOSIS founded by Society of Bacteriologists and Botanical Society
1955  Dr. Eugene Garfield invents citation indexing and searching
1957  ISI is founded
1963  Monty Hyams begins selling patent bulletins from his home, Derwent
1980s  Trademark research companies CompuMark and Thomson & Thomson acquired
1997  Web of Science launched
2011  Cortellis launched
2012  MarkMonitor is acquired
2016  Clarivate Analytics launched, following sale of Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property and Science business
2017  Publons is acquired
2018  Kopernio (now EndNote Click) is acquired; TrademarkVision acquired
2019  Clarivate is publicly listed through a transaction with Churchill Capital Corp; SequenceBase acquired



In the decades that followed, we expanded our depth of offerings to deliver critical data, information, workflow solutions and deep domain expertise to innovators everywhere. Today, Clarivate is a publicly traded company with more than 4,300 colleagues in over 40 countries worldwide. We are a trusted, indispensable global partner to our customers, including universities, nonprofits, funding organizations, publishers, corporations, government organizations and law firms.

Clarivate has a bold approach to serving and delighting our customers. In the past quarter, we have:


We believe that human ingenuity can change the world and improve our future. As we celebrate our three-year anniversary, we strengthen our commitment to empowering the risktakers of the world – from 1864 to 2016, from today towards a brighter tomorrow.

Learn more about our mission to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation at clarivate.com, or discover #LifeatClarivate with voices from our global brands.