Clarivate Analytics acquires the SequenceBase business to expand its search and analysis capabilities for the life sciences IP market

Derwent, a Clarivate Analytics company and world-leading IP intelligence provider, to offer sequence searching for the fast-growing biologics market.

London, UK, & Philadelphia, US, September 9, 2019Clarivate Analytics plc (NYSE:CCC;CCC.WS), a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, today announced that it has acquired the business of SequenceBase, a leader in providing patent sequence information and search technology to the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The acquisition will deliver an expanded solution to the fast-growing biologics market. It complements Derwent’s GENESEQ™ database and leading patent research platform Derwent Innovation™, providing users with an intuitive solution to easily search, analyze and find context in sequence data within patents. GENESEQ is a proprietary database trusted by the largest players in biologics today. It is the only database to provide annotated analysis to help simplify the complexity of searching and identifying biological sequences (DNA, RNA and protein sequences) covered in patents from over 50 patent issuing authorities.

Biotech advancements have made large-scale development of biological drugs easier and more cost-effective. As such, the global biologics market continues to grow[1] and life science IP professionals need to be better equipped to easily search and analyze patents containing sequences. A typical new drug can cost over $2bn[2] to bring to market and the acquisition of SequenceBase will allow Derwent users to find the answers they seek faster in pursuing new biologics innovation.

“The acquisition confirms our commitment to the IP life science community and will allow us to better serve our customers’ growing needs for high quality, intuitive solutions for sequence-oriented patent research,” said Dan Videtto, President, Derwent, Clarivate Analytics. “Through the combination of the SequenceBase platform with proprietary USGENE and WOGENE databases and GENESEQ content, customers can now better understand the sequence landscape, enabling them to quickly assess patentability, identify potential infringing patents and track competitor activities.”

“SequenceBase is honored to join Derwent on its mission to be a trusted, indispensable global partner to innovators everywhere. Our team has a proven record of building essential tools for scientists that help bring their ideas to life. The combination of SequenceBase’s user-friendly search interface and sequence data with Derwent’s curated and enriched databases will improve the workflow of biologic researchers and IP professionals around the world,” said Martin Goffman, President and CEO of SequenceBase.

Videtto concluded, “This is an exciting time for IP professionals and scientists that focus on creating truly impactful change in biologics. It is equally exciting for Clarivate and Derwent to continue to bring trusted, indispensable solutions that support the commercial success of the world’s innovators.”

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