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Consult with data scientists, PhDs, bibliomatricians and technology and industry experts to determine your organization’s research impact.

Investment in research takes many forms:

  • Evaluate your organization’s research output
  • Track the return on your funding investment
  • Inform a pathway to tenure and promotion
  • Decide what research to fund
  • Attract top research talent
  • Analyze the reach and impact of research
  • Make sense of the information you have
  • Compare your research in the context of peers, subjects, journals, organizations and funders
  • Understand the global research landscape or just an obscure research area.

The complexity of executing on research initiatives, tracking your return on investment, monitoring your research output and planning your next research objectives requires data, people, technology and time.

The Web of Science™ consultancy team has the best data, the best people, the best technology, and can save you time.

Collaboration between academic, government, non-profit and corporate sectors is now the norm.  Understanding the wave of open science and open access and your organization’s level of participation is critical. The Web of Science consultancy team can help you understand and make sense of this rapidly changing landscape.

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    Facilitate horizon-scanning
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    Understand research trajectory
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    Identify key opinion leaders
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    Predict future impact
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    Decipher complex information

Why Web of Science data?

You can rely on data that is uniquely selective, based on an independent editorial process, combined with over 50 years of essential, accurate and unique curation – resulting in our unparalleled data structure. Every article from every journal has been indexed, creating a comprehensive and complete data network – helping you to inform your strategy and planning.


Publisher independence – ensures an unbiased view of quality and impact of our collection and data


50 years of curated essential, accurate, consistent data indexing


Every article from every journal has been indexed, creating a trusted network. Never miss a vital piece of information and follow the history of research through unrivaled citation connections.

Web of Science data integration

The Clarivate Analytics Developer Portal is the central repository for information about our web services across our portfolio of products. Find information and links to documentation about Web of Science APIs, including updated documentation for InCites™ and information about SOAP and REST-based Web of Science APIs.

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Partner with us

You can partner with Web of Science on many levels to achieve your goals:

  • Subscribe to data resources and mine the data in-house
  • Partner with us and have our PhDs do the data mining for you
  • Work with our team of experts to design a system for your needs
  • Let us do the data standardization and data manipulation for you.
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