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The brands in your care demand the best protection available. With Clarivate as your trademark watching partner, you can be confident that your valuable brands are being watched by the best in the business, delivering the timely information you need to minimize the risk of brand dilution and lost revenue.

Rely on our global reach and expertise to safeguard valuable brands from infringement. Watch word and design marks, business names, non-Latin character marks; in more than 200 countries and registers.

Trusted, global brand vigilance

  1. The most thorough results
    Our quality team reviews and corrects incoming PTO data to consistently ensure accuracy. Online and common law sources worldwide are continually updated and expanded to provide you with the most relevant information.
  2. Unmatched global reach
    Access the most comprehensive accurate trademark database in the world. With 13,500 marks and 22,000 Watch hits reviewed and processed daily.
  3. Experienced analysts
    Our Watch analysts have an average of 16+ years’ experience delivering tailored watch strategies that deliver the marks that matter, minimizing irrelevant noise, and saving you time and effort.

Industry standard trademark watches

International Watching

Put our best-in-class International Watch expertise to work safeguarding your valuable brands. Our Watch’s for word and design marks helps identify potential infringement rapidly, while covering the global markets that matter to you.

  • Worldwide Watch
  • Worldwide Ownership Watch
  • Design Watch
  • Non-Latin Character Watch
  • International Business Name watch

U.S. and Canada Trademark Watching

Respond quickly to potential threats in the U.S. and Canadian marketplace with our full suite of Watch solutions for U.S. and Canadian trademarks.

With Watches across a wide variety of data points including, pending applications, state, common law, business name, and domain name databases , you can protect your brand with confidence.

  • USPTO Pending Application Watch
  • USPTO Official Gazette Watch
  • U.S. Comprehensive Watch
  • U.S. Status Monitor
  • Canada Status Monitor

Web watching

Rely on Clarivate to help protect your brand from abuse on the Web. Our Watch’s identify instances of potential misuse of your brand across the web, including social media and domain name registers. We uncover the most relevant results in a vast sea of web content, so you can act decisively.

  • Web Watch
  • Domain Name Watch
  • Social Media Username Watch
  • Mobile App Watch

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Our watching solutions provide the trusted, global brand vigilance you need to minimize the risk of brand dilution and lost revenue.

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