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In today’s globally competitive research environment, leaders across academia, government and industry are faced with difficult decisions. What are the most promising research areas to fund? Who is the right talent to advance our organizational goals? With whom should we partner? Yet many organizations are making these decisions without actionable information and are instead staring at large volumes of research data.

The research community has relied upon Web of Science™ for decades to inform major national research evaluations and predict where science is headed next. Leverage our analytics solutions and expert teams to confidently determine where your organization is well-positioned to achieve important breakthroughs, recruit candidates who can strengthen your standing, and assess meaningful progress towards goals.

  • Detect emerging trends
  • Collect researcher activity data at scale
  • Select the right indicators for benchmarking and evaluation
  • Collate evidence of the broader, real-world outcomes of research

How we help

Evidence-based planning & foresight

  • Identify emerging research areas where your organization is well positioned to produce a breakthrough
  • Scan the horizon to detect emerging technologies before your competitors
  • Benchmark the performance of your research relative to that of peer organizations
  • Uncover hidden opportunities within your institution’s research portfolio
  • Implement a framework that enables you to measure progress towards goals with accurate and objective data

Grant funding strategy

  • Analyze your funding portfolio to ensure outcomes align with your mission and goals
  • Determine the factors in past applications that correlate with success
  • Recruit the right external experts to review applications
  • Identify funders who match your institution’s research capacity and capabilities
  • Prioritize researchers for limited submission grants

Collaborations assessment

  • Find the right academic, government and corporate partners
  • Monitor and assess international collaborations to ensure outcomes align with your mission
  • Foster transdisciplinary collaboration and measure progress towards your organization’s goals related to interdisciplinary research initiatives
  • Uncover opportunities where your organization is well positioned to form new strategic partnerships
  • Determine which of your current collaborations are key to driving your institution’s reputation

Talent development

  • Identify rising stars and Key Opinion Leaders in your area of interest, based on the criteria that are important to you
  • Evaluate how a potential hire would impact your department’s current research performance
  • Assess researcher collaboration networks to inform cluster hiring projects
  • Get visibility into the research activities happening across your institution down to the department and researcher level, with accurate reporting at scale
  • Easily compile multiple quantitative research performance indicators for individuals and departments to complement your qualitative assessments

Research outcomes assessment

  • Demonstrate the broader impacts of your research to internal and external stakeholders
  • Analyze researcher mobility and gender diversity trends
  • Understand how your research contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Determine how your research has influenced or led to patented innovations

Research management

  • Gain visibility into the research activities happening across your organization down to the department and researcher level, with accurate reporting at scale
  • Track your organization’s open access outputs, and assess progress towards open research goals
  • Operate more efficiently by integrating your internal systems to obtain clean and complete data for reports while reducing administrative burden on staff

Research Portal Services

  • Showcase staff expertise to enhance your organization’s international recognition
  • Attract investors and collaborators with comprehensive, up-to-date researcher profiles
  • Increase interdisciplinary collaboration across your organization

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Reputational support

  • Benchmark your institution’s research performance against peer institutions
  • Understand what actions you can take to strengthen your organization’s international standing
  • Obtain clean and complete publications data matched to your researchers for use in internal evaluations and public research portals

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