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Better data analysis leads to better decisions.

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Web of Science™ data are uniquely selective, based on an independent editorial process combined with over 50 years of essential, accurate and unique curation, resulting in our unparalleled data structure.  Every article from every journal has been indexed, creating a comprehensive and complete data network. 

Better data analysis leads to better decisions. Better decisions lead to better outcomes. Our data and tools help you: 

  • understand and report on the funded research activity of your institution 
  • assess past research output and ROI to inform your future planning  
  • allocate internal resources 
  • showcase your institution’s significance at a regional and global level 
  • identify potential research talent and areas for investment and collaboration 
  • establish frameworks to help you easily run assessments and better understand global positioning.

Whether you want to adjust your research strategy, increase your institution’s productivity, demonstrate impact, or attract global collaborators, we’re here to provide you with the best data to make the best decisions. 

What sets us apart?

115 years of meticulously curated data supports a researcher’s entire career and the depth of your organization’s research history.

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    Our founder, Dr Eugene Garfield, defined how the world searches for and measures research impact.
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    We provide uniquely selective, structured and complete data to support your decision-making and reporting.
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    Our solutions and services seamlessly integrate to support the entire research lifecycle.

Tools to help you steer your institution’s mission of research excellence


InCites™ makes it easy to report on productivity, benchmark against global peers, find and analyze partnerships, and uncover funding opportunities.

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Converis™ integrates the management of research information and internal workflows, combining external and internal data into a single platform.

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Professional Services

Using Web of Science and InCites data, our Professional Services team help you drive innovation by improving your research performance and identify areas for investment.

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Journal Citation Reports

Journal Citation Reports™ provide journal intelligence that highlights the value of a journal through rich, transparent data, metrics and analysis.

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Essential Science Indicators

Essential Science Indicators™ reveal emerging scientific research trends, influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals and countries in your field of research.

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