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Collaboration is critical to the modern scientific endeavor, yet in today’s crowded global environment it’s harder than ever for researchers and institutions to maintain visibility. Clarivate’s research portal services enable you to gain accessible, explorable and up-to-date researcher profiles that can be populated with many types of data including publications, grants, patents, clinical trials and more.

  • Attract the attention of external collaborators and potential investors
  • Demonstrate the depth and value of your organization’s expertise to the public
  • Help individuals within your organization find one another for collaboration or mentoring
  • Gain a connected, integrated record of your organization’s scholarly work
  • Facilitate the open exchange of knowledge to further the growth and development of global research

Key features

Interactive visualizations

Showcase your research collaborations and uncover new opportunities with dynamic researcher network visualizations.

Fast implementation

Get your portal up and running quickly with a standard implementation package that includes researcher profiles sourced from the Web of Science™.

Search engine optimization

Make your researchers easily discoverable with a modern platform optimized to make your content appear at the top of search pages.

Branded for your organization

Get a research portal that’s consistent with the look and feel of your organization’s brand to stand out from the crowd of institutions with cookie-cutter websites.

Open source solution

Researcher profiles are built in VIVO, an open-source web application and information model for representing scholarship and supporting research discovery.

Expert implementation team

Clarivate is a certified VIVO Partner and serves on the leadership group as part of our commitment to supporting open research.

Our work

We help organizations of all sizes to showcase their expertise. Check out some of our most recent work:

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