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Our professional team of in-house experts are commissioned by organizations worldwide to help answer complex questions. These objective, and independent partnerships facilitate focused outputs — customized analyses and robust reporting — that help to shape future scientific research landscapes and knowledge economies.

From the qualitative to the quantitative, our experts work with you to leverage subject-matter expertise, focused data collection, and systematic and objective evaluation. Data can be included from any Clarivate Analytics dataset, client databases, or public data sources, and our base algorithms can be customized to the needs of the client.

We can accommodate a large range of special projects, ranging from retrospective, descriptive,  and inferential analyses — providing customized data, analysis, visualization and tools to inform all stages of research management, and facilitate research success.

  1. Team of PhDs across multiple scientific fields with decades of experience
  2. Experts in data science and research evaluation
  3. Experience with government and academic research & development programs
  4. Provision and development of the tools for evaluation
  5. The gold-standard data and analytical methodologies needed to conduct evaluations
  6. Trusted, objective, and effective approaches to reporting and information dissemination

Improve research performance and identify areas for investment

Draw connections between research and downstream impact.

Gain powerful insights into cutting-edge science and the contributions made by researchers, institutions and funding bodies. Use this data to plan your recruitment, retention, collaborative outreach, and funding investment strategies.

Harness the power of analytics to drive innovation

Our unique solutions draws upon the largest and most complete source of research output data with unmatched multidisciplinary information on global discovery and innovation.

Rapid access reports or complex custom research

Our experts apply sophisticated analytical techniques to our wealth of trusted information, including Web of Science™, InCites™ and other third-party information.

We provide strategic decision support to make funding decisions, evaluate research programs, understand scientific landscapes, advise on research policy, and guide the direction of innovation.

Understand your institution's performance

With a complete view of your institution’s resources, activities, and performance, you can begin to understand how changes to internal strategies connect with better research, improved performance, and bigger impact – all of which can lead to higher rankings.

Better data

Our assessments are founded on core data from Web of Science and other Clarivate Analytics content. Because of critical differences in the way our data are indexed, you can be certain that you will have the most relevant view of research impact possible.

Types of analyses we can help conduct:

Retrospective Analyses

“How are we doing?”

  • Research impact
  • Researcher impact
  • Collaboration
  • Program evaluation
  • Outcome evaluation

Descriptive Analyses

“What does today look like?”

  • Research landscape
  • Funding landscape
  • Discipline Convergence
  • KOL identification

Inferential Analyses

“Where do we want to go?”

  • Strategic planning
  • Collaborative trends
  • Topic modeling
  • Emerging research fields and people
  • Interdisciplinary trends

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