The Relentless Desire to Advance

The State of Innovation 2017

This year’s report on The State of Innovation showcases some of the latest inventions from around the world and focuses on trends in the top 12 industries.  Overall global innovation activity has slowed down, with 8% year-over-year growth in the number of inventions appearing in published patents, compared to growth of 14% last year.


Indicator Industries

The 12 industries reviewed for the report reveal interesting new areas of innovation and an increasing trend towards blurring boundaries across sectors.  For example, the telecoms industry demonstrates increasing focus on software and apps to control broader areas of our lives, such as other appliances in the home, and less on further evolving physical phone design.  Similarly, home appliances (domotics) are increasingly being developed to ‘communicate’ with each other and save energy.

Of these 12 industries the following six have shown above-average performance in percentage growth of innovation activity.  See the individual industry reports below or download the full report.



To produce The State Of Innovation Report an analytical approach is used, based on proprietary data sources, to identify current trends and key players.  Scientific literature highlights early signals emerging from scientific discovery and patent information is used to identify which ideas are taken up.

The key products used in this process are Web of Science, Derwent World Patents Index, Derwent Innovation and Cortellis.