A New Era of Biologics in Asthma | Physician & Payer Forum | US/EU5 | 2015

Can Targeting Patient Subpopulations Serve as a Market Access Lever?

The asthma market is dominated by a number of effective and well-established treatments, including inhaled and oral therapies, and it constitutes more than $10 billion in sales per year in the United States. However, the future outlook of the U.S. asthma market is going to be strongly influenced by a number of new entrants that will increase competition in the wider disease market but particularly in the moderate-to-severe segment. In particular, novel biological therapies in the pipeline may address unmet need for severe refractory patients, especially those who experience severe exacerbations, an underserved population with limited treatment options. Employing results from our survey of 104 clinicians (53 pulmonologists ,51 allergists) and 31 managed care organization (MCO) pharmacy/medical directors, we analyze the dynamics that will limit or promote market access for new market entrants, including GlaxoSmithKline’s mepolizumab, Cephalon/Teva’s reslizumab (Cinquil), AstraZeneca’s benralizumab, Roche/Chugai’s lebrikizumab, AstraZeneca’s tralokinumab, and Sanofi/Regeneron’s dupilumab.

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