Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck – Landscape & Forecast – Disease Landscape & Forecast

The approval of the immune checkpoint inhibitors Keytruda (Merck & Co.) and Opdivo (Bristol Myers Squibb) for recurrent and metastatic disease has transformed the SCCHN therapy market, which is continuing to evolve and grow beyond the EGFR inhibitor Erbitux (Eli Lilly / Merck KGaA) and chemotherapy-based regimens. We anticipate label expansions of current therapies and the launch of four emerging therapies with diverse mechanisms of action during the 2022-2032 forecast period. These events will drive rapid growth in the SCCHN therapy market, increase the drug-treatable population, and revolutionize the treatment landscape, particularly for locoregionally advanced non-nasopharyngeal disease.

Questions answered

  • How large are the clinically and commercially relevant drug-treatable SCCHN populations, and how will drug-treatment rates change over the 2022-2032 forecast period?
  • What are the key current therapies for locoregionally advanced and recurrent/metastatic SCCHN in the major pharmaceutical markets, and how are they positioned in the treatment algorithm?
  • What market and patient shares can agents in late-phase development for SCCHN expect to secure, and how will they shape the future of the SCCHN therapy market? What are interviewed experts’ views on current and emerging late-phase therapies?
  • What are the key drivers of and constraints on the SCCHN therapy market, and how will these factors change over the 10-year forecast period?

Product description

Disease Landscape & Forecast provides comprehensive market intelligence with world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research.

Solution enhancements

Disease Landscape & Forecast will be updated throughout the year to provide timely insights and analyses as material indication-specific news and events unfold.

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