Myelofibrosis | Niche & Rare Disease Landscape & Forecast | US/EU5 | 2020

Myelofibrosis (MF) is a hematological malignancy characterized by disrupted blood cell production and bone marrow scarring. Symptoms include severe anemia, weakness, fatigue, and splenomegaly. Ruxolitinib and fedratinib (JAK inhibitors) are the only approved drugs for MF in the United States and the EU5. Although JAK inhibitors offer a therapeutic option, these agents are associated with high discontinuation rates and are not able to address all MF symptoms. Therefore, significant market opportunity remains for safe and tolerable treatments that can effectively manage the full spectrum of symptoms (thereby reducing the need for polypharmacy), as well as for options to treat patients with thrombocytopenia and anemia.


  • What are the sizes of the U.S. and EU5 diagnosed prevalent and incident primary and secondary MF populations? What are the distributions of risk level among diagnosed incident and prevalent cases of primary MF?
  • What is the current treatment landscape for the management of MF? What are physicians’ experience and satisfaction levels with current key therapies?
  • How have ruxolitinib and fedratinib been integrated into the treatment landscape of MF? How will these drugs compete in the market for the treatment of MF?
  • What are the key unmet needs and areas of commercial opportunity for MF? How will novel therapies impact the treatment algorithm for MF, and which MF patients will be served by these treatment options in 2030?


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