Multichannel Payer Marketing | US | 2020

Multichannel Payer Marketing 2020 is aimed to understand how and where U.S. payers obtain information for formulary decision-making, specifically using digital channels in addition to traditional methods, pinpointing unmet needs and determining how pharmas can better engage these key customers.

Research themes include:

  • In-depth look at U.S. payer’s activity & preferences to inform multichannel engagement strategies 
  • Understanding of how payer’s behaviors change by where they work or practice; differences will be available by those who sit on their P&T committee within hospitals, IDNs, MCOs or PBMs*.
    • Due to recent payer consolidations, we may be unable to have a readable base size of PBMs in our 2019 research, this group may become a subset of MCOs (i.e. Express scripts and Cigna merger, CVS health and Aetna merger, etc.)
  • Identify how and where pharmas can best engage with payers online
    • Considerations for building a payer portal vs. expanding on HCP focused websites for payers
    • Tools and materials pharmas can provide based on payer needs and interests
    • Sponsorship/advertising opportunities on non-pharma websites geared towards payers
  • Best-practices and case studies for how other pharmaceutical companies are engaging payers
  • Primary drivers of formulary and reimbursement decisions
  • How and when are payers utilizing RWE (i.e. written report, on a data platform, etc.) and uncovering the need for pharmas to provide this information
  • Understanding of beyond the pill programs and payers interest to see patient reported outcomes, and the potential impact on their formulary process or decisions; impact of patient demands