Emerging Vaccines – Epidemiology – Vaccines Epidemiology Forecaster

The Vaccines Epidemiology Forecaster allows you to interactively assess assumptions about vaccine launch dates and the time taken to reach the current coverage of a particular vaccine group in a specified country in order to size the potential patient population a vaccine could reach.


  • What is the addressable market for vaccines in development, and how will that change over time?
  • What is the current coverage of a vaccine in a specific country?
  • What assumptions can I make for a new vaccine launch based on comparator products in a given country or region?


  • Global, with additional granularity for the G7


  • Patient population data by country or region and income status, with an algorithm to make extrapolations for missing data on vaccine coverage, based on similarities in GDP.


  • Vaccine coverage includes: BCG, DTP, polio, hep B (birth dose), HPV, Japanese encephalitis, MCV, rota, yellow fever


  • Delivered as a stand-alone Excel model based on DRG’s gold-standard epidemiology for vaccine coverage.
  • G7 dashboard facilitates a more-granular analysis in the mature markets.
  • Options to incorporate additional primary or secondary data and customizable deliverables.
  • Access to DRG’s expert epidemiologists for bespoke support.