Asthma (Moderate to Severe) | DecisionBase | US/EU | 2014

Amid Significant Unmet Need, What Magnitude of Efficacy and Safety Do Pulmonologists and Payers Expect of an Emerging Therapy?

Although several effective anti-inflammatory agents and bronchodilators are currently available for controlling disease in mild to moderate asthmatics, great unmet needs exist in treating more-severe disease. Emerging once-daily inhaled regimens may potentially improve patient compliance by providing convenience over currently available inhalers with twice-daily dosing. Novel biological therapies in the pipeline hold a potential to address unmet need for severe, refractory patients, particularly those who experience severe exacerbations. According to our survey results, the most opportunity for differentiation exists for therapies offering enhanced efficacy in reducing the exacerbation rate in moderate to severe asthma, compared with leading marketed agents. Furthermore, novel agents’ strong efficacy in reducing the exacerbation rate will hold considerable influence on physicians’ prescribing and payers’ reimbursement decisions as competition among numerous pharmacological agents increases in the moderate to severe asthma market.

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