Biosimilars Advisory Service : US and EU Payer Perspectives on Biosimilars | US/EU | 2015

How payers choose to adopt and promote biosimilars will be highly impactful in determining the future commercial opportunity for biosimilars in the United States and across Europe. We conducted primary market research with surveyed MCO pharmacy and medical directors in the United States and interviewed key payer advisers in Europe to understand their perspectives on biosimilars and their expectations and experience with biosimilar market access and reimbursement. We determined payer biosimilar pricing expectations, the strategies payers will undertake to promote biosimilars, and how these strategies will depend on the net cost of biosimilars. We also investigated payers’ attitudes towards the level of clinical testing that should be required for biosimilars and their thoughts on indication extrapolation, as well as how they intend to choose between biosimilars of the same reference product. We also examined the impact that next-generation biologics will have on payers’ reimbursement decisions for biosimilars.

This payer perspectives report is part of the Biosimilars Advisory Service. The Biosimilars Advisory Service provides insight and analysis that is vital to successful business planning in the rapidly evolving biosimilars space. Quarterly webinars detailing major developments, analyst insight addressing key market changes, therapeutic-area-specific primary research, and forecasting modules are all included in a subscription to the Biosimilars Advisory Service. Rely on Decision Resources Group to keep you up-to-date on the biosimilars landscape and poised to maximize opportunities for your business.

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