Psoriatic Arthritis | Treatment Algorithms | Claims Data Analysis | US | 2018


Treatment for PsA typically begins with a cDMARD, but often progresses to a tsDMARD or bDMARD within two years. TNFi are the mainstay of treatment for recently treated patients, but newer therapies including two IL-17 inhibitors have a growing market share. Persistency and compliance are highest for Remicade, but Enbrel and Humira continue to capture the largest portion of the bDMARD market.


  • How long do patients wait between a diagnosis and an initial prescription? How fast do newly diagnosed patients progress through lines of therapy?
  • Where in the treatment algorithm will new therapies such as Taltz, Xeljanz, and Orencia fall?
  • What changes have taken place in the treatment algorithm within the last three years? What therapies have a growing or shrinking market share? 
  • How compliant are PsA patients with their prescribed medication? What medications have the highest persistency?
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