Ovarian Cancer – Access & Reimbursement – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (EU5)

Market Outlook

Targeted therapies are changing the treatment paradigm for ovarian cancer in the top 5 European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK). Roche’s Avastin and small-molecule PARP inhibitors Lynparza (AstraZeneca), Rubraca (Clovis Oncology), and Zejula (Tesaro) are currently available, with new drug approvals and label expansions expected. In addition, immune checkpoint inhibitors look set to further revolutionize the treatment armamentarium. This research examines the evolving access and reimbursement environment for ovarian cancer treatments in the top European markets as label expansions, regulatory approvals of premium-priced agents in the advanced-stage first-line setting, costly combination therapies, and increased use of maintenance treatment put pressure on payers and prescribers already constrained by tight healthcare budgets.


  • What role do key brands play in the treatment of ovarian cancer in the markets under study? In what treatment settings are they mostly prescribed? How is their use restricted in each country?
  • Do interviewed payers and surveyed prescribers believe that efficacy of existing and emerging targeted therapies justifies their cost? Which treatments do they think perform best on clinical and other attributes?
  • Will payers take a hard-line approach on prescribing policy as more targeted agents emerge? How will they ensure compliance among prescribers? How will drug access ultimately be impacted?
  • What pricing and reimbursement hurdles might emerging combination therapies face in these European markets? Will their increased cost be a barrier to uptake?


France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Primary Research

  • Survey of 250 medical oncologists across the top 5 European markets (50 per country)
  • Interviews with 10 payers across the top 5 European markets (2 per country)Key Drugs Covered

Key Drugs Covered

Avastin, Lynparza, Zejula, Rubraca, Yondelis, Tecentriq

Content Highlights

  • Actionable recommendations to optimize market access
  • Market access success and stumbles
  • Market access roadblocks
  • Pricing and reimbursement dynamics
  • Impact of payer policy and coverage on prescribing
  • Market access outlook for emerging therapies

Product Description

European Access & Reimbursement provides integrated brand-level and country-specific analysis of primary market research conducted with payers and prescribers, examining reimbursement dynamics and evaluating the impact of payer policy on prescribing behavior.

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