Psoriasis – Access & Reimbursement – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)

Established targeted therapies, such as Janssen’s interleukin (IL)-12/23 inhibitor Stelara, AbbVie’s tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) inhibitor Humira, and Novartis’s IL-17A inhibitor Cosentyx, dominated the U.S. psoriasis biologics market. However, with the approval of novel, more-effective therapies, the treatment landscape is changing and the competition for favorable coverage from MCOs is intensifying. Amgen’s oral PDE-4 inhibitor Otezla, Eli Lilly’s IL-17 inhibitor Taltz, and Janssen’s IL-23 inhibitor Tremfya have successfully carved out space in the treatment algorithm. Skyrizi, AbbVie’s latest IL-23 inhibitor, is closing in on the established market leaders and has dominated earlier-to-market biologics. Competition is further intensifying with the recent entry of Sotyktu (BMS’s oral TYK2 inhibitor) and the first biosimilar of Humira, along with the anticipated launches of UCB’s Bimzelx (an IL-17 A/F dual inhibitor), and other biosimilars challenging Humira’s dominance. This report will help marketers navigate this challenging market access environment with valuable insights on how payer coverage policies affect dermatologists’ prescribing.


  • Among commercially insured psoriasis patients, what percentage receive newer targeted agents, and which targeted therapies do physicians perceive to perform best on specific clinical and market access factors?
  • How do payers cover biosimilar versions of infliximab (Pfizer’s Inflectra, Merck’s Renflexis, and Amgen’s Avsola), and how do physicians expect to prescribe these biosimilars?
  • What are physician perceptions of emerging therapies such as bimekizumab? How do payers anticipate covering these agents?
  • For psoriasis drugs with similar efficacy and safety, what economic factors most influence favorable coverage in MCOs’ largest fully insured plans?


U.S. Access & Reimbursement provides integrated brand- and disease-level insight on reimbursement dynamics and the impact of U.S. payer policy on physician prescribing behavior in the market access environment. Each report includes up-to-date analyses of drug coverage and restriction policies as well as payer and prescriber perspectives on key marketed drugs and their receptivity to emerging therapies.

Key drugs: Humira, Amjevita, Enbrel, Remicade, Inflectra, Renflexis, Avsola, Cimzia, Stelara, Otezla, Cosentyx, Taltz, Siliq, Tremfya, Ilumya, Skyrizi, Bimzelx, Sotyktu

Key companies: AbbVie, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, UCB

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