Deep Venous Disease Treatment Devices – Market Insights – Global

The global deep venous disease treatment device market will experience strong growth due to the increasing uptake of innovative devices, such as powered thrombectomy devices and venous stents, backed by favorable clinical data; in particular, growing adoption of premium-priced powered thrombectomy devices to treat an expanding set of indications will be a primary growth driver.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the global market for deep venous disease treatment devices from 2019 through 2032.

The thrombectomy and thrombolysis device market will continue to drive growth in the deep venous disease treatment device market, supported by rising procedure volume and premium pricing.

How will the use of percutaneous thrombectomy impact other treatment types, such as CDT and balloon embolectomy?

How will the launch of new products and incremental device improvements impact the thrombectomy and thrombolysis device market?

How will different thrombectomy device types be impacted by regulatory updates affecting reimbursement and device pricing?

What is the outlook for thrombectomy and thrombolysis treatment trends for VTE and PE in the US and Europe?

Dedicated venous stents have been established as an effective tool for managing deep venous disease conditions.

How will recent clinical trial results affect the venous stent market?

What factors are affecting the adoption of dedicated venous stents for challenging venous anatomies?

The deep venous disease treatment device competitive landscape has undergone many changes in recent years.

Which companies will benefit from changing device preferences in the thrombectomy and thrombolysis device segment?

How have PV stent recalls in 2021 affected the competitive landscape in that market segment?

How are competitive dynamics changing in the IVCF market?

What impact will recent acquisitions have on competition in the global deep venous disease treatment device market?

What impact are current clinical trials expected to have on market shares?

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