Heart Valve Devices – Market Insights – Latin America

The Latin American heart valve device market will be driven by expanding patient pool and availability of several new THV devices. Rapid adoption of these devices and positive results from clinical trials supporting their use will drive strong growth in the Latin American heart valve device market over the forecast period. Furthermore, novel devices and device types will continue to emerge, expanding patient populations and driving continued growth in the market.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for heart valve devices in Latin America from 2019 through 2032.

All segments of the heart valve device market in Latin America will continue to expand.

Which device segments are the fastest growing and why?

What is the degree of penetration of heart valve procedures into the eligible patient population?

How are the novel devices going to address the underpenetrated patient population?

Rapid adoption of transcatheter replacement devices will drive the THV replacement device market in Latin America.

Which new TAVI devices are poised to enter the market? What impact will these newer devices have on market dynamics and market growth?

How TAVI stands against SAVI in the current practice and how clinical guidelines are going to affect the adoption of these devices?

How significant is the impact of the high cost of TAVI devices on their adoption in the Latin American market?

What will be the market impact of the approval of expanded indications for TAVI?

How is the adoption of TPVI devices in the Latin American market?

Clinical trials play a critical role in the heart valve device market.

Which ongoing major trials will have a potential impact on the Latin American heart valve device market?

What technologies are larger players focusing on and which competitors will benefit from first-mover advantage?

The competitive landscape in the Latin American heart valve device market is evolving.

What hurdles exist for new competitors trying to enter the Latin American heart valve device market, and what strategies can they use to overcome these barriers?

What were the recent recalls and how they have impacted the competitive landscape?

Which new TMVR devices are expected to enter the market, and what impact will they have once available in Latin America?

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