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Darts-ip provides access to 9 219 579 IP cases from 4 044 courts worldwide through our industry-leading platform. Search case data, spot opportunities and assess risks. Our intuitive search capabilities help you find cases around the world based on a wide range of IP criteria and issues.

No matter what your practice area, we can help.

Darts-ip provides the largest and only global IP case law database dedicated to trademark cases with 6 499 600 trademark cases from 3 546 courts.

Darts-ip is the leading source of global patent case data, litigation trends and insights, with 2 227 296 patent cases from 3 244 courts.

Copyright professionals require insights to both civil and common law case documents. We provide access to 251 967 copyright cases from 3 384 courts.

Darts-ip provides users with unique domain name arbitration and litigation data, with 141 323 cases from 2 415 courts around the world.

Darts-ip is the largest design and model cases database and the only one that collects and analyzes data on a global scale, with 156 818 design and model cases in 2 410 courts gathered thus far.

We have 125 490 unfair competition cases

Data collection & analysis

Extensive data collection combined with a blend of AI-powered and expert analysis. Darts-ip delivers intelligent data, actionable insights.

Darts-ip provides industry-leading, unique and comprehensive IP case data and analytics. Our global team of IP experts review IP case law documents worldwide daily, identify complex issues and extract critical insight from each individual decision. Combined with our AI-powered analytics tools, IP case data is accessible, searchable and mineable.

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