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IP Management Software

With numerous deadlines, a web of correspondence and multiple stakeholders, managing your patents and trademarks can be complex and challenging. Staying on top of an IP portfolio with hundreds or thousands of assets requires an intelligent Intellectual Property management software (IPMS) that enables collaboration and helps ensure critical deadlines are met.

Clarivate Intellectual property management solutions help increase the efficiency, productivity and collaborative potential of your teams with modern software that simplifies effective IP management.

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  • Turn information into actionable insights. Make better business decisions with access to powerful dashboards and integrated analytics within your intellectual property management software (IPMS).
  • Optimize communication and information flow. Improve communication among stakeholders with end-to-end collaboration to reduce inefficiency and risk.
  • Effortlessly manage data. Connected workflows and robust data verification help ensure accuracy and timely access to documents, deadlines, costs, and activities for all your IP assets.
  • Provide additional context for Intellectual Property management decisions and simplify portfolio management with seamless access to a broad range of integrated, world-class Clarivate IP solutions.
  • Maximize operational efficiency with smart docketing. Automate manual processes and repetitive tasks to optimize efficiency, allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Streamline task management: Manage high volumes of activity across your portfolio with the ability to tailor task management and collaboration to users’ preferences.

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