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Organizations relying  on IP to create and capture market value face real challenges gathering, preparing, and synthesizing data in a scalable way: struggling to grasp the current state of technology landscapes to make informed investment decisions, spending undue time gathering and amalgamating information from various tools, and grappling with record volume.

As demand for data-driven insights accelerates, business leaders need timely, customized, and actionable business intelligence for horizon scanning, risk analysis, white space evaluation, and more.

Analytics Data Hub provides a cloud-based warehouse of industry-leading curated trademark, patent, and IP case data, paired with self-serve, highly configurable analysis and visualization tools to help you find exactly the right angle.

Create your own “aha” moments with Analytics Data Hub

Start with world-class IP data

Explore 230 M+ records of Clarivate’s world-class patent, trademark, and IP cases. Cleansed, normalized, linked, and curated, these global IP data sets enable big-data analysis all in one place.

Patent content comes from Clarivate’s proprietary Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI). This data is curated by subject experts in the Derwent editorial team who review, analyze and transform unstructured “noisy” original raw patent data into labelled, highly structured and normalized Derwent records.

Connect to Derwent Innovation

Conduct complex, big-data analysis of your DI search results within the Clarivate ecosystem, without having to worry about exporting records or wrestling with Excel.

Take a deep-dive into your patent records from Derwent Innovation and get real-time insight delivery for risk or threat analysis, competitive intelligence, potential partner or collaborator identification, licensing opportunities, M&A targets, emerging trends, competitive strength, white space, and more.

Easily add your own or 3rd party data

Map special interest or proprietary content sets such as business, literature, news, and financial data with Clarivate IP data to expand your view.  The possibilities are endless for customizable analytic insights.

Powered by the analytics tools you already know and love

Whether you’re a data scientist by trade or a casual consumer of business analytics, waiting days or weeks for answers business questions is now a thing of the past. Explore Clarivate IP data yourself in real-time with this suite of tools.

Already using a local instance of Tableau or PowerBI for your corporate analytics? Our downloadable connector enables you to ingest, manipulate, and analyze Clarivate IP data sets in your own workspace, alone or in combination with your own data. Leverage templates to get started or build from scratch.

Prefer to work in an online environment? This cloud-hosted option gives you the same functionality as Tableau desktop right in your browser, including starter templates.

Use your programming skills to take IP queries even further with our online interactive Python programming interface, Jupyter Notebook. Import machine learning modules like scikit-learn and TensorFlow to train your models.

Accelerate the pace of innovation with our clean, correct, and curated IP data combined with integrative business intelligence tools.

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