Strategies to increase the value of a medicine

Indication prioritization and use of Real World Data

Ketan Patel
VP, Cortellis Product Platform

In today’s market, there is significant additional value that can be captured by developing an asset for secondary indications or markets. Traditional approaches to indication prioritization cannot be scaled to screen the increasingly segmented disease landscape in a systematic manner. To be effective, an indication prioritization approach must be able to systematically find the most meaningful candidates across thousands of indications – leveraging chemical, biological, clinical, regulatory and commercial data points.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Systematic approaches to using multiple data sources to prioritize indications for a novel asset at scale
  • How Real World Data (RWD) can be leveraged to determine patient populations for the asset, contribute to protocol optimisation and be used for site selection and planning
  • Real world examples and applications

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