Bibliographic data, value-added data and manually-written abstracts for pharma patents

Curated patent data, including manually-written abstracts and value-added data (action, indication, technology), linked to companies, drugs, compounds and scientific literature.

Understand the pharma patent landscape

  1. Analyze the most recent patent publications in a specific disease area to inform your R&D decisions
  2. Determine which companies are active in a particular therapeutic or technology​ area
  3. Evaluate competitors’ patent portfolios and the legal status of key patents
  4. Understand how a patent family has evolved over time

Enhanced patent data for insights you can trust

  • Comprehensive coverage 
    Make decisions with confidence using patent data from wide range of sources such as WIPO, PCT, WILA, EP, US patents, INPADOC SPC, Orange Book, and 105 global patent offices

  • Manually-written abstracts 
    Quickly understand a patent family’s claims using abstracts written by the Clarivate editorial team that clearly describe the compound’s novelty, use and advantage

  • trademark watching

    Value-added data
    Navigate patents with ease using editorially-enhanced data assigned to each patent family, including the action, indication, technology, legal status and expiration date

  • Linked structures
    See the complete picture with up to 999 chemical structures extracted from the claims and listed for each patent

  • biopharma regulatory solutions

    Easily integrated 
    Access data via an API or a data feed

5.5m+ pharma patent families

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