Sam Kay

Sam Kay

Principle Regulatory Consultant

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Principle Regulatory Consultant | Pharma Industry Expert | MHRA Steering Committee Member | RAPS Executive Board​

​With a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sam specializes in regulatory operations, strategy, and intelligence. As a pharmacist with a background in investment banking, Sam brings a unique perspective to solving complex challenges.​

Trusted by leading companies across the pharma sector, Sam is known for his expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes and driving successful outcomes. Currently serving on the MHRA steering committee for medical devices and the executive board for RAPS, Sam stay at the forefront of industry trends and regulations.​​

Using proven frameworks and innovative approaches, Sam tackles key problems head-on, providing strategic guidance that ensures compliance while maximizing product success. Sam also is a keen advocate of generative AI and the challenges/opportunities that can be applied in the regulatory space.

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