Trademark Enforcement

How the Darts-ip trademark cases database can help you during trademark enforcement.

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Get statistics on the likelihood of confusion

Use similarity assessment tools to get statistics on the similarity between conflicting marks

The points of law make it easy for you to get an aggregated view of how a certain legal topic is viewed in specific circumstances.

Prepare your cases faster

Use our goods and services comparison to gain a lot of time in finding relevant arguments

Find cases involving the exact goods & services related to your matter. Search using complete nice classes or select a specific product or service.

Know your case law search is complete

Use our trademark search to find the full case history of the opposing mark

Instantly find the case law related to a mark in just seconds and get the peace of mind knowing you have done a complete case law research

Evaluate your chances in appeal

Find out if your case stands a chance in appeal based on the decision history of a certain court

Search for decisions from an appeal court to see how that court has previously reacted to the argument you are planning to use.

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