Customer Experience (CX) Services

Clarivate CX Services, formerly CustomersFirst Now, guide you in best practices, training and CX governance frameworks for improved customer experience, retention and overall profitability.

Customer journey mapping services

Journey Mapping starts with the visualization of the end-to-end relationship between a company and its customer, developing a clear understanding of the touchpoints that make up the relationship. However, effective journey mapping is really more about managing, monitoring, and improving the customer experience to drive business outcomes. Too many companies do not realize the benefits of leveraging the journey map as a FRAMEWORK that your organization can use to ultimately produce a better overall experience for your customers.

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CX survey & VOC programs

Are you fully leveraging your Survey and Voice of the Customer (VOC) data?

The answer for many companies is no. Many companies have put into place a survey or VOC application hoping to capture some immediate insights. You might have gained some superficial level insights, but unless you have a data analytics team to really crunch the numbers and the text data, there are likely many insights that you have not seen yet. And other companies who gain further insights do not have a reliable process or method of turning those insights into actions that make an impact to the customer experience.

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CX quick win scorecard

Are your CX priorities customer focused?

If your customer experience goals and program priorities are set by you, an internal team, or even your executives, you may not be focused on what affects your customers most, and may not get the most financial return from your efforts.  It also just makes sense that the goals and priorities of the customer experience program should be validated by your customers, and what makes the most financial impact. How do you effectively accomplish this?

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CX best practices assessment

Our Clarivate CX Rating is a benchmarking measure of your customer experience (CX) effectiveness and is the main metric which ties customer delight to financial outcomes.

It’s important to not only see how you are doing compared to your own performance but to also know how you are doing compared to others. This “outside-in” lens is a great one to role-model as a CX leader in your company.

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CX Consulting & Implementation

Customer experience is getting a lot of attention from executives and the boardroom because putting customers first is often a major part of your Brand promise, it is a major competitive differentiator, and there are many operational as well as revenue benefits. However, we find that many companies simply do not have the in-house expertise to effectively start, build, or deliver a best-in-class enterprise CX program.

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CX Training

Making improvements to your customer experience is dependent on all of your colleagues, especially the touchpoint business owners, making the necessary improvements in the touchpoint metrics that they own in a timely manner. They need to be accountable, they need to be engaged, understand the critical part they play in the entire customer experience, and they need to be properly motivated and rewarded for their efforts. With CX Training, your Customers First mentality can be solidified into your corporate culture.

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CX Coaching Program

Not every company has a full CX program staff, nor a large budget when they start their CX program. With this low-entry cost program, we will guide you and your team as you start or expand your Customer Journey Mapping activities.

We’ll coach you on your Journey Mapping approach to Customer Success, and be there for your toughest questions and help keep your momentum going towards a full customer experience program.

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Case studies

See the changes we’ve made happen in these enterprises.

Global insurance company

Rebrand main operating companies (countries) under one unified business while responding to tough economic climate and higher expectations from customers.

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Global bioscience technology

After a period of growth and acquisitions, bringing together the new organizations under their current CX program and regaining market leadership proved difficult.

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National retail chain

In efforts to create an engaging, tech-focused omni-channel experience, priorities and resources were assigned based assumptions of customer needs, as opposed to actual need.

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Global premium airline

Desire to create a unique customer experience, but needed clarity and prioritization in key customer groups as well as establish confidence and alignment among leadership.

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Global logistics company

Redesign onboarding experience to grow customer account activation and build cross-functional capabilities.

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Transportation services

Bias towards business process optimization resulted in lower service innovation and lower retention in an increasingly competitive market.

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