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The ability to build on your organization’s reputation, attract new collaborators and promote new curricula, programs or initiatives is vital to the success of research programs at the world’s top universities, research centers and government organizations. The opportunity to reveal meaningful links – between past and current research, collaborators, funding and research impact – is significant, as long as you start with the right data.

Accelerate your research with tools, insights and technology using the Cortellis™ suite of life science intelligence solutions. We curate the broadest and deepest sources of intelligence to enable precise, actionable answers to your specific questions, supporting more effective, efficient early discovery and clinical development.

Bring speed and certainty to the discovery and development process

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    Unlock hidden insights in data to connect your research with industry.
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    Get precise, actionable answers to your specific questions with the broadest and deepest sources of intelligence.
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    Accelerate innovation with a range of standardized offerings and tailored consulting services.

Advance your research agenda through a range of proven solutions

Discovery and pre-clinical development



"...Researchers can identify pathways that may be involved in processes under study, come up with hypotheses and ways of testing them."

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira

Senior Researcher
Fiocruz, Brazil’s foremost public health research institution

Clinical strategy and development

  • Accelerate your strategic clinical decisions with trusted global intelligence, providing you with the insights to make better decisions regarding your clinical strategy and research projects.
  • Make data-driven decisions with global trials intelligence and integrated analytics powered by Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence™.



"Cortellis provides us the coverage in the rare disease space we were looking for. {The} content enabled enrollment projections at the site level using the built-in analytics and enrollment data."

Information professional

global biotech company

Pipeline insights

Track the drug development pipeline and understand where innovation is happening, where assets currently reside, and how to negotiate the best possible deal.


"When I prepare our executive team for a meeting with a potential partner… the competitive data has to be very targeted. And these are things that would come up very easily using Cortellis."

Paul Resnick

Vice President and Chief Business Officer (CBO),
MabVax Therapeutics

Access high-quality data supported by deep expertise and extensive domain knowledge

2.6 M+

Molecular interactions

1.5 K+

Pathway maps

270 K+

Genetic variations

599 K+

Drugs and biologics

43 K+


2.8 M+

Pharmacology data points

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