Web of Science in Action – Dallon Lamarche

In September I had the opportunity to talk with Dallon Lamarche, one of the winners of the Web of Science Video Challenge.

Currently, Dallon is pursuing his Master of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa (uOttawa), where he also completed his undergraduate degree. Dallon also spent the past four years in the uOttowa research lab, where his video submission was filmed with the help of the whole lab.


Why Web of Science?

Dallon was exposed to the Web of Science early in his academic career and encourages both colleagues and the students he trains in the lab to use it. “It’s such an easy tool to use,” he says.  “I’ve had experience with other research databases and they’re not as intuitive to use. That’s what I like about Web of Science.”

He noted that Web of Science is great for “exploratory manuscript digging” to help him figure out a research topic or help with the process of working on a manuscript.

Along with Web of Science, Dallon also uses EndNote, adding that it allows him to save the manuscripts he finds in the Web of Science and export them to his EndNote Library where he can save them to a jump drive or the cloud. He’s able to easily transfer materials home from the lab and seamlessly continue his work.

“If I didn’t have Web of Science, the amount of hours I would spend referencing, searching for manuscripts and keeping track of them would be unbearable,” he says. “I have literally cut it down to a fraction of the time I would spend without it.”


Below is Dallon’s submission:


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