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Patent attorneys need to search through vast amounts of content when performing patentability (novelty) searches. This research is most effective at identifying novelty when all types of prior art are searched. While the focus is most often on patent literature, patent attorneys will need to broaden the search to non-patent information, including references outside of the field of the invention. Even with legal librarians to help, patentability searching can be expensive and take a long time.

The challenge is performing a search that is thorough, quick and efficient. But the payoff of an efficient search is having more time to dedicate to providing advice and consultancy to your clients. The references uncovered by a patentability search play a key role in making the decision to file a patent, which is an expensive and lengthy investment. This means that having the right search platform is vital for providing your clients with thorough and cost-effective patent consultancy.

That’s why we’ve created a new webinar to help patent attorneys and legal librarians understand how to make their patentability searches quicker and more efficient.  In this pre-recorded webinar, we’ll show you how Dialog makes it easy to find strong prior art references. You’ll learn more about:

  • How Dialog can be used to perform patent searches
  • The unmatched collection of both patent and non-patent scientific literature on Dialog
  • The best features of Dialog for patentability searching and see them in action in a live demo
  • The functionality we’re bringing to Dialog for patent researchers, including a “smart” auto-complete search tool and a workspace to easily organize search strategies
  • Cost-effective patentability searching

There’s no need to register – just click the link below to watch and learn!

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