The Decision Resources Group Companies Are Now DRG

Introducing the new DRG

Since its inception, Decision Resources Group (DRG) has been a premier provider of healthcare analytics, data, and insight products and services to the world’s leading pharma, biotech, and med tech companies. In an increasingly competitive and dynamic healthcare marketplace, the ability to access, synthesize and analyze data can make or break an organization.  And, to help our clients accomplish this objective and be leaders in healthcare innovation, we have combined all of our assets and expertise under one brand.  

Why the change

As the healthcare industry increasingly converges, DRG, in turn, has responded by integrating its offerings to optimize the value that we deliver to our clients.  Although for years we have provided a multitude of best-in-class products and services, the breadth of our expertise and ability to solve multiple client problems across the healthcare continuum are not always apparent to all of our clients.  By bringing the entire complement of our solutions together, we’ve created a more powerful suite of integrated data and information products, insights and services to best serve our clients.  Now we can more seamlessly deliver our advisory, information-based, and workflow solutions to help clients overcome common challenges such as assessing markets, improving market access, optimizing brands, and harnessing digital innovation.

Ultimately, this integration of DRG’s assets is all about our clients, and our zeal to provide the highest value and best customer experience possible.  

Explore the new DRG and see the opportunities

Our branding and internal integration efforts have resulted in a formidable array of diverse, yet complementary solutions that aim to turn your toughest problems into your greatest opportunities.  We’re excited about our future, and what our clients will accomplish in partnering with us to help them inform their most important business decisions.  

Please explore our new website to:

And there’s so much more, both now and to come.  We couldn’t be more excited about our journey ahead, and what it means for our clients.  We are DRG.


Warmest regards,


James P. Lang