Four trends in HTA outcomes and timelines

Timely recommendation for reimbursement by health technology assessment (HTA) agencies is critical to ensure that patient access to medicines of therapeutic value is not delayed. A study by the Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) has demonstrated that HTA outcomes and timelines vary globally. The following article summarizes key findings from the latest CIRS […]

Bioinfogate becomes Clarivate

This year, Clarivate acquired Bioinfogate, a leading provider of analytics solutions in the life sciences and producer of the OFF-X™ portal. The move further expands and integrates drug toxicity data and translational safety intelligence from OFF-X into all aspects of the life science cycle. In combination with the Clarivate portfolio of solutions, Bioinfogate provides critical translational […]

COVID-19: Fighting a global pandemic with innovation

In this episode of Ideas to Innovation, Clarivate life sciences and healthcare experts reflect on partnering with pharma to combat the pandemic. Listen now.   COVID-19 has presented an enormous global challenge, requiring an unprecedented level of engagement by stakeholders across pharma, research and policy. While SARS-CoV-2 emerged as a novel virus to which humans […]

The latest plague outbreak in Sub-Saharan Africa

There is currently an outbreak of both pneumonic and bubonic plague in Madagascar. This crisis situation was the focus of a November 6 report affirming the countrywide spread of the plague epidemic, with disease cases growing by 37% over five days, from 1,309 to 1,801, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  As Madagascar enters […]

Key steps forward in disease control in Sub-Saharan Africa

The author, Shyama Ghosh, recently completed a detailed study of the disease landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa. Titled “Disease control in Sub-Saharan Africa: Are we doing enough?”, the following is an excerpt.   Amid the many challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), there are signs of progress, as well. The RB Group, in India, noting the growth […]

Election 2016: Did pharma win or lose?

Does he govern as a populist or as a generic Republican? That’s the question pharma policy hands must be asking themselves after an election in which both candidates beat up on pharma for its pricing practices. The prize has gone to a decidedly non-traditional candidate of the traditional party of business. Donald Trump ran against […]