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Amazon and Walmart wade into U.S. telehealth and digital pharmacy

The e–commerce giants’ evolving healthcare offerings could put pressure on drug makers, as well as PBMs and telehealth vendors Amazon’s healthcare ambitions have long been the subject of intense speculation – and not a little anxiety – for players throughout the sector. Amazon’s massive scale and world-beating digital capabilities give it the power to disrupt nearly any business it enters. So you could almost hear healthcare company CEOs taking a sharp breath and sitting up a little straighter when, in March, Amazon announced that it would offer its in-house health […]

Patient advocates speak out on partnering with life science companies

What does patient centricity mean from a patient’s point of view, and what kind of support do patient advocates need from life science companies? Three prominent patient advocates shared their perspectives. In 2010, Nick Sireau, a London-based father of two boys with the rare progressive genetic disease alkaptonuria (or AKU, also known as “Black bone […]

Tracing the Treatment Journey Using Real-World Data

Like the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, the market research and business intelligence functions within have experienced a tremendous transformation over the years—and continue to change. With increasing pressure on resources, heightened competition, and growing complexity of the market landscape, market researchers and the teams the support often need to do more with less, deliver […]

Report: Modernizing the Patient Journey with Digital

Report details how to build true-to-life patient journey maps with digital insights

Patient-centricity is the buzzword du jour for pharma marketers, but many fail to factor consumers’ digital behavior into their understanding of the patient journey. Smart brands realize that most of the patient touch points extend beyond the physician consult and that the traditional patient journey is significantly limited in the insights it provides.

For healthcare brands to remain relevant in this marketplace, they must make the patient experience more appealing and meet the heightened expectations of customer service and support across the patient journey. To move away from product-centric marketing messages and design truly patient-centric experiences, brands must understand how patients are leveraging digital channels at each step of their health journey–to gather information, solve problems, make decisions and share their experiences living with a disease. 



In this report, DRG Digital Principal Analyst Rory Stanton shows brands the impact of digital in patients’ decision making along the health journey, but also how to map patient pain points to customer experience design and marketing strategy.  


Key questions addressed in the report: 

How should brands approach mapping the patient journey to drive patient engagement at their organizations? 
How much influence do digital resources have at each stage of the patient journey? 
What are the pain points for patients along the health journey? What role do they expect pharma to play in solving these challenges? 
What digital touch points can brands leverage to improve their patients’ experiences across the health continuum? 
Which brands are investing in patient-centricity and how?

Analysis can be cut by 50+ patient and caregiver audiences



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