Precision search and easy full-text access with dialog solutions and research solutions

At Dialog Solutions, our goal is to simplify the research process for anyone that needs to search and access scientific documents. Research Solutions shares a similar goal – providing one-click access to full-text STM (scientific, technical and medical) articles, saving researchers time and money when it comes to accessing the vital content they need.

But, with the aim of simplifying the research process, we wanted to make things even easier; could we combine the features of Dialog and Article Galaxy?

That’s what we’re very pleased to announce today. Our new partnership with Research Solutions means Dialog now offers 1-click access to full-text articles through Article Galaxy.

What that means is that you can use Dialog’s precision search features to find relevant search results. You can then browse those search results in Dialog, narrow them using Dialog’s research tools and even remove duplicates. Once you’ve found the article you want, you just click on the Article Galaxy button (this can also be used to buy multiple articles at once).

That’s where Article Galaxy takes over. You can then buy or rent the full-text version of the articles you’ve chosen in Dialog, using all of the time and cost-saving features of Article Galaxy, including:

  • The ability to filter for lowest cost of acquisition – see if you already have an organisational subscription or if the article is available under Open Access
  • Robust reference and literature management
  • Simplified expense reports
  • Seamless and mobile-friendly viewing on smart phones and tablets

We asked Research Solutions’ Chief Commercial Officer, Rogier van Erkel, to explain why this is so important for Dialog and Article Galaxy users: “Research Solution’s Article Galaxy continues where Dialog stops, helping to create a smooth user workflow from beginning to end. By automating time intensive administrative tasks, we’re minimising wasted time and maximising cost savings”

How will this help my research activity?

With the new partnership between Dialog Solutions and Research Solutions, you can make your research process cheaper, quicker and more efficient.

Dialog allows you to search over 140 content databases at once, using precision search functionality to help you find exactly what you need. This precision search functionality is combined with advanced research tools, including duplicate removal and advanced result filtering.

Then, with Article Galaxy, you can buy or rent the full-text articles of your search results through a single platform. Without Dialog and Article Galaxy, the time you spend researching and buying full-text content increases for each additional database you need to search through and purchase from.

And, if you’re involved in the manufacture of medical devices, this new partnership is particularly important. While the EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR Regulation 2017/745) has been delayed until May 2021 (see our thoughts on that here), there’s still less than a year to be fully compliant. One of the biggest changes is a focus on the entire product lifecycle for medical devices, and an increased requirement for clinical evidence. The Article Galaxy/Dialog partnership will allow you to automate your medical device literature review process, making it easier and cheaper to be compliant with the EU MDR requirement to conduct and maintain living literature reviews.

How can I get started?

  • If you have a Dialog and Article Galaxy account: Speak to to get everything set up
  • Dialog customer without an Article Galaxy account: Speak to your account manager or email
  • No Dialog or Article Galaxy account: If you want to take advantage of the time and cost savings of the Research Solutions and Dialog Solutions partnership, get in touch with us –!