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CBO Score of AHCA Offers Few Surprises, Pegs 23M Loss on Insurance Rolls

The new Congressional Budget Office on the American Health Care Act looks remarkably similar to the old score, and still creates major conundrums for the U.S. healthcare industry. The CBO estimated 23 million fewer insured Americans by 2026, down slightly from the 24 million project under the original AHCA. Elimination of the Affordable Care Act […]

DCAT Week ’17 session looks at emerging pharma market trends

The health of emerging pharmaceutical companies can be assessed, in part, by financing and partnership activity with larger companies, Richard Harrison, Chief Scientific Officer at Clarivate Analytics, told a DCAT Week ’17 audience in a session titled “Emerging Pharma: Market Overview, Project Management and CMC Readiness.”

Trends in surgery supply charging practices

Revenue cycle leaders are always on the lookout to optimize charging practices and maximize charge description master efficiency—and for good reason. When running appropriately, these two areas contribute to a healthy bottom line. However, when operating inadequately, it is almost impossible for an organization to receive proper reimbursement. While true for all medical services, HBI’s […]

Digital health news update: New leadership at FDA; Sermo launches Rx ratings

Scott Gottlieb won Senate confirmation and  was sworn in as FDA commissioner last week. Here’s how his appointment might affect pharma digital (tldr: expect a more hands-off approach to regulation of digital communication and digital therapeutics – and likely more explicit guidance on these topics). Another area where Gottlieb might have an impact is in FDA’s willingness to weigh real world […]

The shifting regulatory landscape impacts the review of new medicines

Major improvements in the regulatory environment in the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) countries over the last decade has led to a decrease in the time to approval as well as an increase in the number of medicines that have become available.