IP Forum 2022 spotlights the evolving demands on IP professionals

The changing pressures and requirements on IP professionals, whether you work for an internal IP department or for the IP practice of a law firm, is something we do not discuss as often as we should. We cover it here, the third blog in our series about the IP Forum 2022.

There is no question that the value and service that IP practitioners provide to internal or external audiences is hugely important. What better way then, to kick off our recent IP Forum 2022, “Exploring New Frontiers in IP”, by shining a spotlight on the role of the IP professional today.

In “Charting the modern-day IP professional’s progression”, I was joined by panel speakers from Caterpillar, Emory University School of Law, Henkel and IBM Research. Together, we discussed the impact of globalization, innovation and automation on IP professionals in our forum’s opening session.

Key takeaways from the session are included below and you also watch our on demand webinar on this session.


IP professionals in 2022

IP professionals are being stretched beyond their core competencies in IP law; the ability to think on their feet and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset are becoming ever more important. Critically, the ability to translate complex IP issues into digestible business language is a much sought-after skill.


Educating a new generation of IP practitioners

There is a growing focus on multidisciplinary education, working in teams and building a “think outside the box” mindset, to help IP practitioners succeed in the new technology-driven world.


Why we should not fear a more automated practice world

Automation can, in fact, enable IP professionals to focus on higher-level, more complex work and ultimately deliver better, deeper advice and service.


Stay connected

This year’s forum also featured two unique breakout sessions: “Advancing knowledge capture in the innovation process” with speakers from Corning, Koch Disruptive Technologies and Arthur D Little and “The future of IP in the metaverse” with speakers from Meta, NBCUniversal and Innis Law Group . We’ve written about these sessions as part of our IP Forum 2022 series. You can read about knowledge capture here and NFPs in the metaverse, here.

Keen to learn more? Watch our IP Forum 2022 on demand.