Women fighting COVID-19 with science: Spotlight on Alex Li

Throughout 2021, we brought you stories of women scientific researchers at Clarivate delivering invaluable contributions to innovation and customer success. Over the past two years, these women have done essential work in addressing COVID-19 and in helping to create a more equitable STEM field post-pandemic. Learn more. These colleagues have earned recognition and awards for […]

Women in Leadership and COVID-19: Spotlight on Sheila Borgman

We’re proud of the powerful roles that women at Clarivate have played in addressing COVID-19. In this continuing series, we share their stories. More than half of the colleagues in the science organization at Clarivate are women. Their achievements are invaluable to our contributions to innovation and customer success, as evidenced in the roles women […]

Advancing a sustainable world: Spotlight on Marilyn Johnson

Sustainability is at the forefront of how we do business at Clarivate. For us, ‘sustainability’ means that every action we take, no matter how seemingly small, can serve to improve, protect and nurture our world. It’s a belief and a way of working that drives our commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity and […]

Guided by science to accelerate innovation

Women leaders at Clarivate like Ann Graul play a key role in accelerating innovation in the quest for answers to COVID-19 issues. Watch their story. The global COVID-19 pandemic that began in early 2020 turned the world as we knew it upside down, bringing unimagined challenges and exacerbating existing struggles. It impacted how people work […]

Celebrating women in science

At Clarivate, we believe that diverse viewpoints, backgrounds and life experiences are central to shaping our shared future. This past year, Clarivate women scientists contributed to COVID-19 vaccine research, working with our customers to save lives around the world. Watch their story. As we reflect on the progress towards diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in […]

Lessons from the Top 100: Thales [Podcast]

In this episode of Ideas to Innovation, we welcome Bernhard Quendt of Thales, one of the world’s Top 100 Global Innovators™. Listen to the podcast.   Every year since 2012, Clarivate has identified the Top 100 Global Innovators. These companies and institutions lead the global innovation landscape, contributing new ideas, solving some of the world’s […]

Sustainable vehicles, today and in the future [Podcast]

In this episode of Ideas to Innovation, we speak with authors of a new Clarivate report on the electric vehicles industry. Listen to the podcast now.   In a new report from Clarivate, The road ahead: sustainable vehicles today and in the future, our leading IP analysts review the fascinating history of the electric vehicles industry, the innovation spark that finally […]

Clear signals for sustainability: Spotlight on Belgrade

Sustainability is front and center at Clarivate, part of everything we do. You can see the scope and scale of our commitment in our first annual sustainability report published in early 2021. Our commitment to sustainability is a strategic imperative, bringing environmental and societal issues to the forefront. Our goals are aligned with the UN […]

Journal Citation Reports 2021: The evolution of journal intelligence [Podcast]

 In the Ideas to Innovation podcast series, we engage experts and industry leaders to discuss innovation at its core. Learn more about our podcast program.    For almost 50 years, the global research community has relied on the data in the Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) to identify the world’s leading journals. The JCR is based on data from the Web […]

Three principles for long-term success with a connected workplace

Kerri Nelson, Chief Operations Officer at Clarivate, discusses three key principles for creating long-term success by promoting a more flexible, Connected Workplace aligned to company values. Today, it’s clear that a more flexible, Connected Workplace model for many organizations, is here to stay. However, when it comes to building the workplace of the future, while […]