Introducing Publisher Analytics Reports: Track Performance of Papers, Evaluate the Competition, and Spot Opportunities

For academic publishers in search of detailed metrics on how their papers are performing, or in need of insights into the competition and how best to strategize their efforts, the Web of Science Group™ has now delivered the answer. 

A quartet of new Publisher Analytics Reports provides comprehensive, ready-to-use data on key aspects of journal performance. Based on data from the Web of Science™, InCites™, and other authoritative Web of Science Group resources, the reports offer publication and citation data, comparative analysis of the competition, and performance metrics to assess and guide editorial decision-making. 


Four Reports

The Publisher Analytics Reports are available in four specialized editions:

  • Journal Performance Analytics Dashboard (sample page pictured below). This report provides publishers with a comprehensive summary of journal publication performance as captured in the Web of Science Core Collection (including the Emerging Sources Citation Index) over a defined period. With the option to compare journals, the report includes information on publication output, Journal Impact Factor trends, contributing countries, organizations and funders, and article-level citation analysis.


Figure 1. Sample display from the Journal Publication Output report.


  • Publishing Output Analysis. This report allows publishers to bring together editorial and publication data in a single analysis to uncover what drives their journal’s publication impact and performance. The report benchmarks a journal’s published papers and (with data drawn from ScholarOne™ or supplied by the publisher) explores the fate of its rejected papers. The report is designed to identify opportunities for new journals and journal sections and to help publishers better understand the influence of editorial decisions.


  • Subject Area/Opportunity Analysis. The Subject Area report offers a complete overview of one or more specific subject areas, including hot topics, key journals and publishers within the field, emerging trends and topics, key authors, institutions and funders.


  • Funding/ Institutional/ Regional Analyses. Based on data from InCites Benchmarking & Analytics™, a component of the Web of Science, these reports provide snapshots of contributions to journals from funding agencies, along with authors and their institutional and regional affiliations – giving publishers ready insights into what influences their content pipeline.


The reports, combining multiple metrics in a single analysis, are formatted for easy sharing with both internal and external stakeholders, thereby extending the reach of evidence-based evaluation.

In addition to the standard versions of the reports, the Web of Science Group offers customized data sets based on customer needs.

For details on the Publisher Analytics Reports, including more sample pages from the various reports, along with contact information, please visit the Publisher Analytics Reports web page.