Easing the complexities of open access publishing

ScholarOne and the Copyright Clearance Center improve support for ‘read and publish’ and offsetting agreements.

With the landscape of scholarly communication seemingly changing weekly, publishers need tools that adapt to meet new complexities in their workflow. ScholarOne, from the Web of Science Group, has met this challenge for years, providing a solution that eases every step of the publishing process.

The integration of ScholarOne with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) RightsLink® Author provides a formidable combination for managing the complexities of Article Processing Charges (APCs) and other publishing fees.

Now, this partnership becomes more powerful, as the Web of Science Group and CCC have enhanced the integration of ScholarOne and CCC’s RightsLink® Author. With this update, ScholarOne now works seamlessly with CCC’s RightsLink Author Agreement Manager module to support “read and publish,” offsetting, and other transformative agreements in open access (OA) publishing.

Manage payments

The enhanced integration improves automation between ScholarOne and RightsLink Author at various stages in the publishing workflow. Along with collecting and passing pertinent data on pricing, discounts, and metadata about the article, the integration allows ScholarOne users to leverage the functionality of RightsLink Author to manage payment of the appropriate APCs by the author. For publishers, RightsLink Author offers a dynamic platform to automatically handle the processing, invoicing, reporting, collecting and management of payments and OA agreements.

Publishers can also take advantage of this integration in supporting various OA formats, such as hybrid or gold. The RightsLink Author platform reflects agreements with single institutions or consortia, whether these agreements represent partnerships or newer arrangements between publishers and institutions, such as “read and publish.” 

Shared platform, common workflow

For client publishers, RightsLink Author provides a shared platform and common workflow by which to automatically handle the processing, invoicing, reporting, collecting and management of APCs and other publication charges.

In handling this range of tasks, RightsLink Author and ScholarOne integration offers specific functions that include: automated billing payable in seven currencies by credit card, wire, check or money order, followed by auto-dunning; dynamic pricing and discount rules at the publisher, journal and article-type level; detailed reporting for all parties in real-time from a central source; global customer service by email, phone and live chat. 

The improvements are the latest in the Web of Science Group and CCC’s goals to help our customers increase transparency around OA.