Deconstructing climate change

Global warming vs. Climate Change-is there a difference?

A team, comprised of researchers from the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and INSEAD recently undertook an analysis of climate change articles published in Science and Nature since 1980.

One might ask, why review the previous data when we know it is a still a problem? And does it matter if we call it global warming research or climate change research?

Well, Dr. Angela McCabe, Management Lecturer at La Trobe University, believes that the varying terminology is in fact the root of the problem.

How are we going to address these problems and provide input to policymakers if we can’t define them consistently to begin with?”

The research team partnered with Clarivate to build, by various fields and keywords a targeted dataset covering the range of climate change papers. With that in hand, McCabe further elaborated, “And that’s where our citation analysis fits in – to help us understand how institutional context shapes scientific processes.”

Read the full case study to learn more about the growth and expansion of knowledge on climate change.